Sunday, December 29, 2013


      It started with me going to high school and graduating with a low gpa (grade pint average). I wanted to go to college and was told I have to go to elementary school to refresh my math,science,history,and english. My friend was in thesame boabt so he lived near by and we waited fo.r the bus to come. As the bus approached we got on and there was three other students that had to been only six or seven. The bus arrived to the school and we all went to the same classroom.The teacher introduced herself then asked us to as we did. I looked at my friend and said this is ludacris and he agreed.The teacher said we are going to start off with math so what is 2+4? I yelled out "Are you serious"? I jusr came from graduating high school and this is child stuff. There was two other boys and one girl besides my friend and I,we were so furious. We left and went outside to smoke a cig lol. My friend and I said this was so stupid as we know this crap. The teacher came out and said you guys better get back in before i flunk you and then you wont make it to college. So my friend and I did and started participating on the ridiculous subjects that we already new. My mom came in and she told the teacher that she thought it was going to be grown kids like my son.The teacher said well if your kid would of listened in high school then he wouldnt be in this situation. My mom got pissed and took my friend and I out of the school and said we didn't have to go back. My friend and I ended up owning our own arcade business and the teacher walked in. She said arnt you guys supposed to be in school?We ended up kicking her out.It was a dream come true.

Saturday, December 28, 2013



   My friends and I were walking into a theam park as we all noticed the rides were all closed down. The park was quiet as there was no one around. Were excited as we saw a roller coaster that had a huge drop as you reach the top and two loops as soon as you reached the down fall. We proceeded to the ride and there wasnt a soul nor anyone to control the roller coaster. My friends and I got into the back of the roller coaster cars and then it happened,the roller coaster started to go. (I always like the back cause that's actually the fastest cart to get into.) As we were going up the tracks reaching a few stories high I noticed part of the track was gone. I told my friend (Nathan) that holy crap dude do you see that track is gone? He said,"Chill dude I think the coaster will jump to the other tracks". I along with the other friends was just going crazy. Were holding onto the bars as tight as we can just like you would your child if someone was trying to take them away. Were getting closer to the edge and down we go. We go around the loops and about to get where the track breaks off. We are all screaming including Nathan as we have are heads down and eyes closed. The coaster jumps to the other side and we land safetly as the back just barely makes it. (Remember we were sitting in the back). As we get back to the beggining there is a ton of people waiting to get on. We were confused as there was no one in the park when we got there,it was like a desert. My mom comes up to me and says,"What are you guys doing? I told you not to go out!"I said,"Sorry mom I was just hanging out with Nathan and my friends". She told my friends to go back home to their parents as she would let them know what's going on later.My mom and I walked out of the park and as she drove us home i kept apologizing for not letting her know where I was. We got home and she and I had some pie and then went to bed. The next morning I woke up inside the roller coaster cart. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dream Introduction

Dream Introduction

Ever since I was about fifteen there hasn't been a night were I don't remember a dream. I have several dreams a night or day as I have insomnia so it depends when I fall asleep. My dreams are always different except one that reoccurs which I think most of us have that one dream that always pops up from time to time. I will get to mine eventually as you read on from day to day. I'm going to share my dreams everyday with you for a whole year thats why my blog is called 365 Days of Dreaming. As we all know sometimes we have dreams that are rated R or even worse so please don't take offense as I cant control my dreams. We also know dreams can make no since at times and wonder why we had those dreams. I do believe dreams have a reason or some kind of meaning for life but I haven't figured that out yet.Just a little about me I'm a twenty nine year old male,I am gay,I enjoy life as any other human,I enjoy football,basketball,bowling,cheerleading,tennis,movies,parks,and so much more.I only mentioned the gay part as I don't want you getting confused by some of my dreams,meaning if I say a guy is cute then you will know why I had that dream. Well I will start the dreaming as you are reading. Look forward to the next year with you.