Sunday, December 29, 2013


      It started with me going to high school and graduating with a low gpa (grade pint average). I wanted to go to college and was told I have to go to elementary school to refresh my math,science,history,and english. My friend was in thesame boabt so he lived near by and we waited fo.r the bus to come. As the bus approached we got on and there was three other students that had to been only six or seven. The bus arrived to the school and we all went to the same classroom.The teacher introduced herself then asked us to as we did. I looked at my friend and said this is ludacris and he agreed.The teacher said we are going to start off with math so what is 2+4? I yelled out "Are you serious"? I jusr came from graduating high school and this is child stuff. There was two other boys and one girl besides my friend and I,we were so furious. We left and went outside to smoke a cig lol. My friend and I said this was so stupid as we know this crap. The teacher came out and said you guys better get back in before i flunk you and then you wont make it to college. So my friend and I did and started participating on the ridiculous subjects that we already new. My mom came in and she told the teacher that she thought it was going to be grown kids like my son.The teacher said well if your kid would of listened in high school then he wouldnt be in this situation. My mom got pissed and took my friend and I out of the school and said we didn't have to go back. My friend and I ended up owning our own arcade business and the teacher walked in. She said arnt you guys supposed to be in school?We ended up kicking her out.It was a dream come true.

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